Prodction Unit-Circular
Knitting Section:
Our Knitting unit is one of the modern knitting unit in Bangladesh. We have all imported computerized knitting machine from Taiwan, Germany & Japan. The quality began right from the raw material sourcing and only high quality yarn are used to ensure consistent quality of fabrics matching international standard.
Characteristic and Facilities of our Knitting / Flat Knitting Machineries :

Powerful- Mainstream
Stitch Adjustment
Knitting Body Oriented
Belt Drive
Needle beds with High Quality Steel- alloy
Yarn Feeder
Converter for controlling the operation action
Automatic adjustable Fabric tale - up system
With high efficiency inverter motor controller
Product Range :

Single Jersey Inter Lock, Rib, Pique, Rib eyelet,
Drop Needle, Fleece, Lacoshe, auto stripe, feeder stripe.
Dyeing Section:
Dyeing units are equipped with different sophisticated machinery's like ATYC Fong's Hi temperature dyeing machine from Spain and China. Flat dryer from Taiwan, World famous balloning Helliot Squeezer, Tensionless Dryer and Fabcon Compactor From USA and France.
According to fabric quality and its characteristics, high velocity, low liquor Ratio overflow-type rectangular nozzles are adapted in our dyeing unit. For Dyeing we use environmental pollution free chemical, which are imported from Germany, Switzerland and other countries.
Our digital "Gull-Wing" Stablesizer incorporates the Latest in electronic technology to simplify operation, increase reliability. enhance performance, and produce more consistent quality fabrics.

Important Facilities Of Our Dyeing Unit :

Low liquor ratio dyeing.
High capacity / High productivity.
Simple operation / No fabric entanglement
Soft flow and jet flow high temperature - dyeing machine.
Shrinkage Control.
Outlet versatility with synchronized or independent use.
Safely- saving - Easy Maintenance
Products Range
CVC. Cotton. P/C

Average Production Capacity
Finishing Section:

All of our unit has standard and high speed stitching machines such as 'PEGASUS' 'JUKI' and 'BROTHER'. ARFOL state-of-the- art design for decoration and strong production control system always maintain smooth and creative environment for on time delivery..

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